Live Makeover is an innovative Plastic Surgery meeting, organised by Dr. Athanasios Skouras, ENT Surgeon, & Dr. George Skouras, Plastic Surgeon. It was an idea and inspiration of Dr. George Skouras, aiming at presenting to participants live multiple operations on selected patients, resulting in their full makeover.

In addition to the operations, distinguished Plastic Surgeons & ENT Surgeons make presentations on their fields of expertise, adding to the meetings’ educational value.

The first meeting organised in 2014, was named Live Face Makeover, given that the operations executed live on the patient were Facelift, by George Skouras, & Rhinoplasty, by Dr. Athanasios Skouras.

During the second meeting organised in 2015, Dr. Athanasios Skouras executed a Rhinoplasty on the patient, and Dr. George Skouras did the Blepharoplasty & Facelift.

The third meeting organised in 2016, was named Live Face & Breast Makeover, given the fact that a combination of 3 operations were executed on the selected patient: Rhinoplasty, by Dr. Athanasios Skouras, Facelift & Breast Augmentation, by Dr. George Skouras.

During the 4th Live Makeover Symposium, participants had the opportunity to watch live surgeries and lectures by the world renowned, legendary Plastic Surgeon Dr. Daniel Baker and the brilliant, Manhattan based Liposuction expert Dr. Spero Theodorou. More specifically, the operations presented were the following:

During the 5th Live Makeover Symposium, participants watched live the following operations:

Firmly believing that even more than knowledge, it is the act of learning which grants the greatest enjoyment, we are looking forward to welcoming you to our upcoming, 6th Live Makeover Symposium.